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“Comfort is the most important component of design.”
John Hutton

luxury interior, designed by experts, demonstrates a person's success, status and position in society.


The experts at EDEM. Art & Design have successfully completed interior design projects throughout Baku and the other cities and regions of Azerbaijan.

When working on the creation of an exclusive interior, we offer you not only a design project, but a project that also embodies all of your desires, ideas and dreams – we try to understand how you would like your perfect home to be.

The interiors of apartments and houses are primarily a reflection of the life of its inhabitants: their characters, habits, temperaments and hobbies. It is important not only to have a large spacious apartment, home or country cottage, but to create comfortable conditions and a warm atmosphere, pleasant for its inhabitants and guests, and to create an overall style for the interior (including the decor of the space, its furniture and its accessories).

Our main professional goal is to develop an individual design that suits your tastes and wishes. We can realize your dream of a modern apartment or house. EDEM has a team of professionals with extensive experience, including interior and exterior designers, architects, engineers and designers. In addition, at our clients’ request, we can offer the services of international experts (including those from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia). If you wish to save your time and ensure the highest quality of work, our company can offer you luxury interior design from highly skilled professionals.